Oil tanker management training program in VR and Web
Objective: Implement realistic oil tanker management training online. Reduce the company’s transportation and employee training costs. Enhance learning outcomes.

Outcome: Training costs are expected to be cut by 45%.
9 out of 10 students pass their exams successfully.

Client: Wärtsilä.
One example of a industrial training program that delivers business metrics is a virtual safety training program for employees in a construction company. In this scenario, employees can participate in virtual simulations of oil tanker management system. Employees develop their safety skills and knowledge, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and improving overall safety performance.
Football Stadium Aliance arena
Objective: Create the football metaverse demo experience with 1 to 1 stadium copy to increase revenue and improve brand awareness.

Outcome: Reached customer interest of 94%.

Client: FC Bayern Munich.
A virtual experience that allows fans to engage with their favourite teams and players in a fully-immersive, interactive environment. Fans can attend virtual matches, participate in virtual experiences, and connect with other fans from around the world. This type of experience can deliver business metrics, such as fan engagement levels, merchandise sales, and revenue generated from virtual experiences.
DOM metaverse by David Richman and Miroslav Naskov
Objective: Build server infrastructure for seamless worldwide access to the metaverse.

Outcome: Project is currently under release.

Client: DOM metaverse.
A metaverse for art and fashion is providing a space for artists, fashion designers, and other creatives and brands to come together and collaborate, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Users can socialize, attend events, and participate in group projects, building relationships that extend beyond the virtual world. Also, it is offer new revenue streams for creators and businesses, such as the ability to sell virtual art, fashion, and other merchandise.
Art & Fashion
Dubai Apartment Showroom
Objective: Recreate the apartment and surrounding area for the ongoing project. Increase the number of applications for apartment viewings.

Outcome: The application’s conversion rate was 17%.

Client: NDA.
Evometa’s virtual property tour revolutionises real estate sales by offering immersive online experiences. We enabled prospective buyers to explore apartments, buildings, and neighbourhoods with ease and excitement. This innovative solution streamlines property viewing, transforming the future of property sales.
Real Estate